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Starsoft specializes in creating solutions in SharePoint technology, designed for sophisticated control systems and data management systems. SharePoint platform allows users to work with network applications, operating on a common data repository... learn more
We provide a wide range of programming and developing solutions for CAD systems. We have extensive experience in creating programs in PML, ObjectARX, C #, VisualBasic. We also create customized solutions based on the CAD... learn more
Starsoft offers support for wide range of programming languages, which enables us to maintain existing systems and solutions. Knowledge of these technologies gives the company a huge advantage in the IT industry, because it is the "know how"... learn more
Starsoft has an outstanding experience in database projects. This gives us the possibility to offer high quality design services, optimization and database administration which end up in reduction of costs associated with the project and maintaining a data warehouse... learn more


ul. Wita Stwosza 9B
83-000 Pruszcz Gdański
phone +48 58 732 27 20
fax: +48 58 732 27 24
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Microsoft Partner

In 2010 the company received the prestigious Microsoft Certified Partner certificate, which demonstrates a high level of expertise in Microsoft technologies.
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